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What Size Generator do I Need for Camping?

Anything over 2000W will be enough to power most of your favorite everyday appliances. Make sure to calculate how many appliances you will be running simultaneously and how much power is required to start the appliance. A 2000W generator is a popular size for the average camper’s needs. If you are thinking of running appliances that use more power, such as fridges or microwaves, it is worth considering upgrading to a higher-wattage generator.

Can I Use a Generator on a Campsite?

Generally, most campsites and parks will allow generators. Make sure to double-check the rules for the campsite or park you will be staying at. It’s important to be considerate where you place the generator when in operation as generators can create some noise and smell. It’s also important not to position the generator too close to your dwelling to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

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