Allspark Slimline 200ah Lithium Battery. 200/500A. - SLIMLINE Aluminium Case with Front Terminals - LiFePO4 - TL Spares

Allspark Slimline 200ah Lithium Battery. 200/500A. - SLIMLINE Aluminium Case with Front Terminals - LiFePO4

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Perth Stock Available Now!

Allspark Slimline Perth - Stock Available Now! Don't want to wait for your Allspark Slimline to arrive from over east, simply click and collect today! 


  • Exclusive Solid state BMS 
  • Highest quality premium grade prismatic cells - resistance matched, long battery life and no voltage sag 
  • Power a 2500W Inverter from a SINGLE BATTERY - for high power devices including coffee machines, air conditioners, toasters and kettles
  • Rapid charge - ability to charge at 100A - Rapid charge function allows charging in under 3 hours. 
  • Connect in parallel up to 600ah or series up to 24V
  • Equivalent usable capacity to a 320ah AGM but weighs only a quarter of the weight.
  • 2500-5000+ cycles
  • Jump start capability up to 500A
  • Built to meet our harsh Australian Conditions
  • Designed to handle high vibration environments
  • 5 Year Warranty



 200ah 200/500A
Rated Voltage  12.8V
Max Charge Voltage 14.6V
Cut Off Voltage   10V
 Rapid Charge Current  100A
 Standard Charge Current  50A
 Max Inverter Size (Continuous)   2500W
 Max Continuous Discharge   200A
 Peak Discharge Current  500A (5s)
 Optimum Charge Temperature   <45°C
 Maximum Series Voltage  24V
 Dimensions (including handles)  400L x 120W x 300H
 Weight  21 kgs


Other Information

  • 95% charge efficiency vs 70-80% in AGM (meaning more of the power put into the battery is able to be stored)
  • You can install the battery safely on it's side.
  • AllSpark Lithium Batteries are rated using a C5 rating. This means the full rated capacity of battery will be supplied over a 5 hour period.  Using a 100ah battery as an example, this will provide 100ah if discharged at 20A for 5 hours.  Lower discharge rates will actually provide a slight increase in amp hour output.
  • recommend a charge rate of up to 50A for an AllSpark 200ah battery for ultimate longevity.  
  • Life expectancy up to 15 years. 

Please note: This item is pick up only from 463 Bushmead Road, Hazelmere, WA, 6055. Please complete your purchase through the checkout as local pick up.


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