Vice 100 mm steel Dawn 60153 - TL Spares

Vice 100 mm steel Dawn 60153

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  • High strength cast iron body and slide produced by an automated foundry ensuring good quality control.  Body and slide accurately machined for perfect mating and smooth operation.
  • Nut is housed in the body and gives long service without wear.  Nut is detachable and can be replaced.
  • Corrosion resistant heavy duty screw and handle.  Head of screw and knobs on handle are forged – won’t shear off.  Fine pitched Acme thread ensure long life and positive action.
  • Case hardened steel jaws, serrated to provide good grip, removable and replaceable – thus extends life of vice.
  • Deflector keeps filings away from moving parts – thus reducing wear.
  • Vertical Notch to hold non flat objects.


  • Vice Size Jaw Width: 100mm
  • Max Jaw Opening: 115mm
  • Type: Standard
  • Weight: 16kg
  • Overall Length (Closed): 367mm
  • Overall Width: 163mm
  • Overall Height: 177mm