Delkor 100AH Calcium Deep Cycle Battery - TL Spares

Delkor 100AH Calcium Deep Cycle Battery

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Delkor part number HDC27 is a genuine 100Ah Deep-Cycle battery, built to deliver the power and reliability Delkor customers have come to know and expect from one of the World’s premier manufacturing facilities.


  • Convenient Calcium maintenance-free battery, no topping up of fluid required (fully sealed battery). 
  • Heavy-duty long-lasting design- Thicker Deep Cycle Plates
  • High- Density Active Material
  • True Deep-Cycle Battery with High Cranking Power
  • Suitable for most vehicles
  • Resistant to stress from repeated cycling and vibration
  • Anchor-bonding provides increased resistance to vibration
  • Contains more active materials than standard flooded batteries
 Delkor 100ah Calcium Battery HDC27
Rated Voltage  12.0V
Capacity (@20hr rate) 
Cold Cranking Amps -18C SAE  660
 Reserve Capacity   162 Min
 Container Material Colour  PP ? Black
 Lid Type / Colour  Sealed MF / Black
 Positive Plate Type  Lead Calcium Deep Cycle
 Negative Plate Type Lead Calcium Deep Cycle
 Separator Type  Microporous Low Resistance Envelope
 Assembly Layout  Dual - SAE & Stud - LH Positive 
 Dimensions (including handles)  306L x 172W x 225H
 Weight  22 kgs


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