HMF Neck Strap Scanreco HMF 58 114 - TL Spares

HMF Neck Strap Scanreco HMF 58 114

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Introducing the HMF Scanreco Neck Strap - the perfect accessory for hands-free operation of your Scanreco remote control.

As a professional in the construction and transportation industry, you understand the importance of efficient and safe equipment operation. The HMF Scanreco Neck Strap is designed to provide you with a comfortable and secure way to operate your remote control.

The neck strap is made of high-quality materials and is built to last. It is designed to be fully adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit for any user. The strap also features a quick-release mechanism, making it easy to remove the remote control when not in use.

The HMF Scanreco Neck Strap is also compatible with a wide range of Scanreco remote controls, including those used with HMF cranes. It is a versatile accessory that can be used with any equipment that requires hands-free operation.

Investing in the HMF Scanreco Neck Strap is an investment in the comfort and safety of your crew. It is the perfect solution for any construction or transportation company looking to enhance their equipment operation systems.

Don't let a lack of hands-free operation slow you down. Get the HMF Scanreco Neck Strap  today and experience the comfort and convenience that comes with hands-free operation of your remote control.

Call or email us today with your HMF Model, Fabr.No and Year and we will match the parts to your crane.

Dims - 370x60x30mm

Part #H123 58 114